If you want to make a lasting difference in the life of a child who has no parental advocates or guardians, sponsoring is for you. If you are able to commit to 10+ years of financial support for a child’s education through the end of secondary school, sponsoring is for you. If you would like to be actively involved in the life of a child in need, sponsoring is for you. Sponsoring a child is not an easy commitment and it should not be entered into without thinking years into the future. Will I still be able to do this in two years? Five years? Ten years? If I was unable to make a payment, do I know someone who would be able to take over? Unlike most sponsoring organizations, the Mugumo Project’s sponsoring program is completely sponsor-supported. As a sponsor, 100% of your payments are put towards the education of your Mugumo kid. If you do not make a payment, that child will not attend school. It's as simple as that.
  • Who can become a sponsor?

    We are open to a variety of sponsor arrangements! If the willingness to assume a long-term financial commitment is present, consider sponsoring a child through your local PTA, Sunday school class, book club, or other organizations. Perhaps your family can divide the monthly cost and arrange for each individual to contribute a share.

  • How do I become a sponsor?

    The first requirement to becoming a sponsor is to think deeply about the potential ups and downs of this commitment. Discuss it with your family and friends. Entering into a sponsoring commitment lightly and without introspection will only result in more pain and more disruption in the life of the child. If you decide that you are unable to sponsor a child and you would still like to support the Mugumo Project, we encourage you to get involved in Jamii Mugumo and to explore the Duka for other giving opportunities, such as sponsoring a teacher.

    If you decide that you are ready to become a sponsor, the next step is to submit a sponsor information form. If you are an individual, please fill out our Individual Sponsor form. If you are representing a group (an organization or a club), please fill out our Group Sponsor form. Email all forms to jessie@themugumoproject.org.

    Once you submit your form, you will be contacted with additional information. You are beginning an exciting new chapter in your life and the life of a child! Thank you for being a part of our mission.

  • How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

    When a child begins his or her first term of school as a newly sponsored child, it is necessary to purchase an entire set of new supplies just like other children who attend the school. This includes everything from mattresses to uniforms to toothbrushes. In return, the first year is slightly more expensive then the ones that follow. Our fee structures are designed to allow for the replacement of 25% of the child’s belongings each year after the initial 100% is purchased. Charity will use her discretion to determine what items need to be replaced.

    The Mugumo Project currently sends children to two schools, Gacio Academy and Early Bird Day and Boarding Academy. The schools are comparable but require different school fees. At Gacio, the average monthly fees after the first year are $110.00. At Early Bird, the average monthly fees after the first year are $81.00. These fees vary slightly for both schools depending on the gender of your sponsored child and, at Gacio, the option for extra classes. These variables will be discussed more in-depth after a potential sponsor has submitted a sponsor information form (see the last question). All potential sponsors will be able to work with the Mugumo Project in order to determine the appropriate arrangement.

  • How will I make payments?

    We offer a several payment options for our sponsors. As the school year is broken up into three three-month terms, you choose one of the following payment plans:

    A. Monthly. Using our online payment system, you can make payments each month.

    B. By Term. You can make a payment at the start of each term.

    C. Yearly. You can pay in one lump sum at the start of the school year.

    We prefer that you use our SSL-certified online payment system to make your payments. If you need to use paper checks, we can arrange pre-paid postage for you.

  • What kind of relationship will I have with my sponsored child?

    The Mugumo Project is committed to maintaining an active relationship between each sponsor and their sponsored child. You will receive copies of your child's end-of-term report cards, photos from Visiting Day and other events, videos when possible, and occasional letters or pieces of artwork. A quarterly sponsor newsletter will also keep you up-to-date on the happenings of the group.

    Although you will have a relationship with your individual child, it is important to remember that the Mugumo kids are very much a family. We do everything as a unit and fairness is incredibly important. Therefore, sponsors are not allowed to send packages or gifts to their sponsored children. If you would like to treat your child with a special gift, please visit the Duka to make a donation towards a Christmas party, birthday celebrations, and other special items. Everybody likes a good party! However, letters, cards, and photos are strongly encouraged.

    Upon becoming a sponsor, we will work with you to create the relationship that you wish to have with your sponsor child.

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