Sponsor a Teacher

The Mugumo Project is constantly thinking of ways to improve our services and expand our impact–how can we best accomplish our mission of providing education to underserved children? What is the best use of our resources? 

After four years of sponsoring individual children from Nairobi Children’s Home, we are entering a new phase of our outreach by deciding to sponsor a primary school teacher to work at Nairobi Children’s Home. Through this program, 50 to 70 children will reap the benefits of having a motivated and enthusiastic teacher to continue their education during their time at NCH. In return, a deserving and qualified teacher is gainfully employed and able to support his or her own family. Everybody wins!

Charity, our Director of Operations, and Judi, our new teacher.

Charity, our Director of Operations, and Judi, our new teacher.

As of August 2014, we have successfully hired our first teacher for Nairobi Children’s Home. The interview process was tough, but ultimately we are confident that we chose the best person for the job. Read more about our new teacher, Ms. Judi, here. The first day of school is September 1st and we cannot wait to watch the journey begin. Updates coming soon!

To contribute to this program, head to our donation store, the Duka. If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to reach out to Jessie Hagen at jessie@themugumoproject.org.