Term I Recap: An Update from Teacher Judi


We started the term on January 4th 2016 with about 60 pupils. By the end of the term, we had only 40 children who were of new faces. This is because the institution receives new children weekly and does not also allow children to stay long in the center. 

Due to the different kind of children we handle–sexually abused, the abandoned, infected with HIV/AIDS, Malnourished children, physically challenged–outdoor/physical activities are mostly recommended.


In the 1st week of the term, we did revision of the previous work.

So far in number work, we are dealing with division, in which, most of the children were able to understand most of the concepts.

In language, we deal with reading and writing. Most of the learners were able to show good handwriting and read more than five letter word sentences.

In creative, children model, paint objects, draw and colour pictures, play with blocks and make different patterns. Learners were able to tackle all the creative activities with minimum supervision from the teacher.

034ecfa8aaef10476663d95a6b2a154cIn play activity, learners sing new songs, socialize with others, share the playing materials, dance and participate well in the directed activities.


Learning and playing materials are mostly provided by the donors and well-wishers.

As teachers, we develop our own materials but due to the condition of some children we have in the institution, materials would not be retained on the wall for a long period of time since they pluck them out. Due to this kind of habit, we decided to be keeping the teaching/learning materials in the store and only use, when teaching and demonstrating some things to the children.


Children learn best through their own exploration and therefore, much more playing and learning materials should be provided to enhance their mental, physical, creative, social, and emotional growth.


So far, Term I was good and all went well.

As from next term, we intend to engage our learners in the drawing activities in exchange with other neighboring schools.

We also request Jessie Hagen, director of the Mugumo Project, to organize for us a competition class in exchange with our drawn pictures.

To all the Mugumo supporters, may the almighty God bless you for the good work you are doing, for the sake of these children. We do really appreciate.

Thank you all!!

Written and complied by

Teacher Judith Randiek

Nairobi Children’s Rescue Centre

0061298b1a566d3e0f64e1d0883e77ba Lower Kabete, Nairobi

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