Operation Baridi Blizzard: It’s Snowing in Nairobi Children’s Home!

Holidays at Nairobi Children’s Home are always duly celebrated. Every season, local organizations come together to donate special food and small gifts for the Christmas feast. Holidays like Christmas and Easter are one of the few times a year that NCH residents get treats like hard-boiled eggs and chapati.  It is a good day for children and staff alike.

As a non-profit, there is a particular pressure to “perform” during the holidays. This is the season to give and receive! The temptation to pour our (very) finite resources into a spectacular gift for the home is strong. However, the Mugumo Project has always taken pride in covering the uncharted territory and the holiday season is perhaps the most covered time of the year at Nairobi Children’s Home.

This year, we want to contribute something a little different, something that can’t be bought or eaten, only experienced: holiday cheer, Christmas spirit, warm and fuzzies. We came up with Operation Baridi Blizzard. All you need to participate is a couple of sheets of paper, scissors, an envelope, and stamps. Drawing on our global support network, we invite all of you to cut out a few paper snowflakes and send them our way.  Teacher Judi will hang all of the snowflakes up for the holiday season. Yes, we’re going to make it snow at Nairobi Children’s Home!

(Not sure how to cut paper snowflakes? Martha Stewart makes it easy.)

Once you have your unique creations and maybe a cheery message, please send them to our address in Kenya:

P.O. Box 23339-00604

Lower Kabete

Nairobi, Kenya

We hope you enjoy sipping a cup of cocoa and taking the time with your family and friends to send a little holiday cheer to some very excited children.

Please remember to take a picture of your snowflakes before you send them and post it on Facebook! Tag the Mugumo Project and #BaridiBlizzard.

Warm and fuzzies to you and yours,



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