Operation Baridi Blizzard hits the Nairobi Children’s Home…and it’s a beautiful sight!

Our classroom after the blizzard!

An onslaught of carefully crafted snowflakes has arrived from four different countries at the Nairobi Children’s Home and the walls are “chillin” with the blizzard.  Teacher, Judith Randiek, says “My children loved the snowflakes and enjoyed sticking them on the walls.  They did it with a lot of patience and were very eager to see the outcome of their class.”  They were also dancing around when they learned who had sent the snowflakes.  She goes on to say, “Thank you so much to everyone who sacrificed his or her time to make snowflakes for us…we have really appreciated it and we salute you all!  Thank you so much for the love you have for Kenya and for our children.  May God bless you all!”  OPERATION BARIDI BLIZZARD — COMPLETED.  Mission accomplished from friends around the world!  Check out the children’s thank you video at Mugumo kids thank you

Snowflakes - no two alike, just like children!

Snowflakes – no two alike.  Do you see yours??!!


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