Charity’s Term I Report: “A Hundred Miles Begins with a Step”

To all of our donors and sponsors, we salute you for the long journey that you have been traveling with us the whole of first semester.

This first semester my work included:

  • Purchasing new uniforms. After a long holiday in the rescue centres most of the school stuff got lost and misplaced.
  • Buying their personal items and toiletries in time.
  • Hiring vans and ferrying the kids to school and back to rescue centres on opening of school and closing for holiday and mid-breaks.
  • Various visits and check ups on kids progress in schools.

The Gacio girls.

All the above have marked and highlighted our progress and achievements. We can wave the flag of victory as winners together!  Kudos all!

Term IId

Kamau, Charity, and Paul at Early Bird Academy.

Academically, as from the teachers desk, our kids’ group emerged the best. Nine of our kids performed really well from both schools. My efforts have been greatly appreciated by the kids—buying them small gifts which I can call on you to please support. Reward them as a way of motivating and encouraging them to work hard, not only in academic,  but in all areas such as best discipline, the most neat kid, the best in maintaining his or her school stuff, etc.


Lucy enjoying some chips!

As for discipline, I am proudly reporting from the institution that our group is also the best. They have proven to me that they are responsible for their assigned duties.


Mary with her new little sister at her family’s shamba in Isebania.

The kids with parents, donors, and all the sponsors, once again thank you for giving me this opportunities to practice my social work skills by reintegrating and meeting with families which I have enjoyed greatly. With this I have learned more and ventured to different places among them Isebania which boarders Tanzania in southwest of Kenya. I have learned a lot! 

Date 5th and 6th May 2015 will be school opening days for Gacio Junior and Early Bird Academy, respectively. Your commitment is recognized and appreciated.

A hundred miles begins with a step. Together we stand. Together we step every step. God bless all.

Charity Nyathirah,
Mugumo Director of Operations

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