Brand New Washing Lines for Nairobi Children’s Home

Having to do laundry for a normal household is enough of a pain, so imagine having to get clothes and bedding for dozens of children below the age of six washed and dried every single day. That’s the challenge facing the small team of staff and volunteers at Nairobi Children’s Home and their task was made harder by their worn out washing lines, which meant most laundry was having to be laid out on the ground to dry, proving a hassle for staff.

 The Mugumo Project board decided in September to finance a set of brand new washing lines in the home’s sunny backyard area and Mugumo Project Director Charity Nyathirah co-ordinated  laborers and home officials to get the project done.

 The result is six large new washing lines, which are secured in the ground with cement and have a fresh lick of yellow and blue paint.

 As well as ensuring the children’s laundry is properly clean and dry, the Mugumo Project welcomed the chance to find small but concrete ways to make home staff and volunteer’s lives easier. The team works long hours providing care and carrying out chores to keep the home running. The Mugumo Project hopes that simple improvements to their work flow helps to contribute to a positive environment in the home by boosting staff morale and freeing up a little more time to give attention to the children.

 The team at Nairobi Children’s Home appreciated the improvements.

“The project also did repairs of our clothes lines – which now look better and stable. Thank you for dedicating your time and resources for the betterment of the lives of children,” wrote Nancy Waswa, manager of Nairobi Children Home’s in a letter to the Mugumo Project in October. 

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