Our Programs

The Mugumo Project has two main sponsoring programs: sponsoring children and sponsoring teachers.

Sponsoring Children

Growing from the original six kids in 2010, we now enable 21 children to receive a quality education. That’s triple the growth in under five years! As this program continues to grow, our main concern is updating our means of transportation to more efficiently transport the kids to and from school. This is critical to our mission of sponsoring more children. To contribute to our Transport Capital Campaign, please visit our donation store, the Duka. To learn more about becoming a sponsor and our system, please click here.

Sponsoring Teachers

Although sponsoring kids is our heart and soul, the Mugumo Project is aiming to expand it’s outreach through a teacher sponsoring program. Starting at Nairobi Children’s Home, we would hire teachers to supplement or lead the teaching programs currently in place. Not only will over 50 children benefit from the talents of a skilled teacher, but a qualified, passionate educator will have a full-time job to support his or her own family. Our goal is to hire our first teacher by the start of the new school year in September 2014. To learn more about this program, please click here.