Our Mission

The Mugumo Project aims to:

  • Provide each sponsored child with a quality primary and secondary education.
  • Supply each sponsored child with the foundation and tools necessary to become a self-reliant and contributing citizen of Kenya and the world.
  • Enrich the environments of both the schools and the government orphanages to improve the sponsored children’s lives in all aspects, as well as expanding our positive reach to many more under-served children.
  • Foster a cross-cultural dialogue that encourages sponsors, supporters, and participants to explore our shared humanity.

The Mugumo Project is accomplishing these goals through a variety of innovative initiatives!

Sponsoring Children

Our primary objective of providing children with quality education is achieved through our sponsoring program. Through the sponsoring program, a child with no parental advocates or support receives comprehensive academic instruction and individualized attention. The greatest benefit to the child often comes from being removed from the institutional environment and placed in a school with other children and adults from outside of the children’s home system. We currently sponsor over 20 children and we hope to see this program grow significantly in the next few years.

Sponsoring Teachers

With donor support, we hope to begin an exciting new venture: a teacher sponsoring program. Typically, the teaching staff of Nairobi Children’s Home is composed of one salaried teacher and one or two generous self-funded volunteers. The volunteer teachers are driven by their passion to work with children, but are frequently forced to leave due to lack of pay. The Mugumo Project’s new program would pick only the best and brightest teachers to work full-time at the home. With support, the Mugumo Project could hire three or four teachers to provide NCH children with more specialized attention during their time at the home. To support the teacher-sponsoring program and other initiatives, head to the Duka!

Giving Back to the Community

Each year, the Mugumo Project would like to express our immense gratitude to the institutions that continue to work with us crazy wazungu and our crazy Mugumo kids year after year. We are truly a special case and we could not operate without the cooperation of the schools, the children’s homes, and the many people who lend a helping hand. With the help of donors, we would like to present the schools and children’s homes with an annual gift. A home-wide Christmas party, new chalk boards for the schools, a new play set, a concert, a film screening—whatever strikes us as a need that year. Each gift will benefit the communities at large, in addition to strengthening our relationship with the people who make the work of the Mugumo Project possible. To support an institution’s gift and other aspects of the Mugumo Project, check out the Duka.

Get Connected!

Finally, we encourage all sponsors and donors to engage in the Mugumo Project beyond financial giving. Check out Jamii Mugumo for links to articles about current events in Kenya and Africa, reviews on relevant books, films, and music, interesting recipes, updates from board members, and tons of other information. From hosting a film screening for your family and friends to becoming a pen pals with a Kenyan class, the possibilities for your involvement are endless!

If you have any questions, ideas, or if you would simply like to say “Habari yako?”, feel free to give us a shout here!