How Can I Be A Part of the Mugumo Project?

Of course, the most critical part of participating in the Mugumo Project is financial support. Without your generous giving, we would not be able to send kids to school, sponsor teachers, throw holiday parties, or anything like that. To make a tax-deductible donation, browse our donation store, the Duka, for items we need.

One of the benefits of being a small non-profit is flexibility. We are open to a variety of methods of support beyond pure financial contributions. Classroom pen pals, sending homemade greeting cards, starting an international book club–the possibilities are endless! If you or your group would like to be a part of the Mugumo Project, contact Jessie Hagen at and let’s talk.

To stay connected, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@MugumoProject), sign up for our quarterly newsletter on the home page, and follow our blog, the Mugumo Project in Action.